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We take appropriate steps to make learning an enjoyable and stress free activity.....

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From the desk of Secretary


Education aims at the all round development of character. Children have to be prepared to face life in all its various facets and this grooming starts at the school level (and Central Model School, Barrackpore is the ideal one). Children come to school as unpolished gems, as teachers and educationists; we cut and polish them to prepare the future citizens of India. A teacher's job is never done as "Life is education," but at the school level we give our best to groom the children into worthy human beings. Teaching requires complete dedication and professional competence. The modern teacher is more of a friend and guide, showing the right way to do things and allowing the children to flower. We aim to impart an all round education by including co- curricular activities and value education together with academics. We have miles to go and to keep pace with the changing time, we live in the context of new hopes and new prospects and we continue to experiment with new ways of developing the potentials in our children. One should not consider school administration as a duty or a profession, but love it, as an animation. "It is a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it" - Observed Maugham. Any institution, which has faith in such thoughts, is sure to climb great height in its spheres of growth and progress.

Hon'ble Secretary Sri Rudrabir Roy